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It is the Cufis Office Supply, Inc. heritage that enables us to provide solutions to your most complex office requirements.

Cufis Office goal is to quickly deliver quality office and technology product solutions to our customers for their mission critical requirements. Cufis accomplishes this goal with our web portal, comprehensive customer service, and extensive distribution capabilities. Let Cufis help you with your office and technology product needs.

Cufis Government

Cufis for Government

Cufis Office Supply, Inc. is a certified Native American Owned Small Disadvantage Business who has continually demonstrated its responsiveness to all levels of government for there office supply requirements. Cufis has also had a long and successful relationship with agencies like Department of Energy and the US Air Force. We take pride in our ability to craft innovative solutions to complex problems. Our passionate associates and support staffs are skilled at helping customers leap the gaps between risk and succes We partner with our clients to create exceptional solutions to their most challenging tasks. Our Native American roots mean we understand long-term commitment.

Let us show you how our passion, integrity, and innovation can complement your organization.

Cufis for California

Cufis State

Cufis Office Supply, Inc. is a certified small business in the State of CA... We have over 20 years experience selling to the state of California and understand the needs and uniqueness of each department within the state. The mission of the Department of Transportation is different than that of the Department of Water Resources. We understand these differences and help each department reach there goals and missions. Cufis Office Supply, Inc. founder is part of the Northern California tribe Karuk locate just east of Eureka in Happy Camp. Cufis Office Supply, Inc. is truly a Native California Company and applies our Native heritage to today’s complex requirements. With this knowledge we understand the importance and apply that to everything we do and suggest to the State of California.

Let Cufis Office Supply, Inc. develop a unique solution to meet your mission

Cufis for Gaming

Cufis Office Supply, Inc. was founded in the gaming industry, Eric Hoffman founder has been working with casinos in Las Vegas for over 10 years. Cufis works with some of the largest casinos in the world. We have provided office solutions for every department from player rating to corporate headquarters. Cufis has been working with companies like Boyd Gaming, Inc. since 2001 the largest Las Vegas Gaming Corporation. Cufis strong distribution network allows us the ability to provide office solutions to Native Gaming organizations through out the United States.

Let Cufis provide a solution to meet your individual requirements.

Cufis for Corporations

Cufis State

Cufis Office Supply, Inc. has been providing office supplies and solutions to some of the largest corporation in the World. We were working with companies long before receiving our Native American Status. Cufis knows how to compete and win business from large organizations. From unique solutions to bulk purchases Cufis Office Supply, Inc. has always been competitive and able to bring value to our customers. Our team understands the unique challenges of each customer and the goal at which they are trying to achieve. We apply our approach to every transaction, some companies we work with have been around for over 100 years, they like us look at requirements in the long term. Our goal is to ensure that you receive your request in an efficient manner. Put our Native American heritage to work for you and let us design a solution to meet your individual requirements.

Cufis News

Cufis Office Supply offers Ink and Toner Cartridge Recycling.

Cufis Office Supply - "environ-mentality" carrying products that make eco-sense.

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