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Cufis Office Supply “environ-mentality” carrying products that make eco-sense.


Carrying Products That Make Eco-Sense

Cufis Office Supply in partnership with Staples offers more than 3,000 different office products that use recycled content, including many Staples brand products, a full range of ENERGY STAR qualified products and many nontoxic items. We're also pursuing "green" raw materials, Including wood fiber from certified sustainable forests, agricultural wastes and lower-impact, bio-based alternatives.

Recycling is for everyone.

Recycling isn't just a buzzword at Cufis Office Supply, Inc. it is a part of our culture. Our stores and facilities have places to recycle cardboard, paper, ink and toner cartridges, electronics and a variety of other items.

A focus on energy and climate.

Cufis Office Supply investments in energy conservation and renewable energy reflect our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment, particularly related to climate change.

An emphasis on environmental education.

Through various partnerships, we're working to educate associates, consumers and businesses about how they can create positive, significant and lasting change for our environment.


5 Bright ideas for a greener office

Recycling your office paper is a great step in the right direction. But there’s whole ream of other things you can do to help lower your eco-burden.

  1. 1. Use products that contain post-consumer recycled content, or paper that is FSC certified

    Cufis Office Supply in partnership with Staples offers thousands of products that use post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, including high-quality paper, plastic binders, desk accessories and more. Also, Staples is the first retailer to offer its own brand of recycled-content copy and print papers that are FSC certified.

  2. 2. Buy remanufactured ink and toner cartridges.

    Remanufactured cartridges contain PCR content, and their quality is guaranteed. Furthermore, they'll save your company money while reducing your impact on the environment.

  3. 3. Look for ENERGY STAR office technology.

    ENERGY STAR qualified office products consume about a quarter to half as much energy* as standard products, and will reduce your energy bill while helping reduce the impact of energy use on global warming. *According to the Department of Energy.

  4. 4. Ask your existing suppliers about their green offerings.

    You can further improve your eco-efforts by switching to green products or services from vendors you already use, like Cufis Office Supply, Inc.

  5. 5. Start an office recycling program.

Find out how to reduce, reuse and recycle at the office at http://business.earth911.com.
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